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Motorcycle Accidents

Among all accidents, motorcycle accidents are considered the most likely to result in serious injury or death. The reasons for this are obvious; First, drivers of cars are less likely to see a motorcycle than another car. Second, motorcycle riders have minimal protection on the road and their chance of suffering serious injury is significantly higher than a person involved in an auto accident.

These injuries can significantly affect the quality of life of an individual; therefore, it is very important that a rider take the proper precautions to protect themselves while on the road. First of all wear protective gear and a helmet: a helmet can help reduce a fatal or a traumatic brain injury by more than 60%.

Always follow the rules of the road and make sure other drivers see you before merging on to a busy highway. Taking a motorcycle safety class will also help in reducing injury in the case of an accident.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident:

  • If possible, escape from immediate danger such as oncoming traffic or fuel leaks from the motorcycle.

  • Get medical attention. Since motorcycle drivers are more exposed and more likely to sustain serious injury, getting medical attention right away can reduce the likely hood of a fatal injury to the head or chest. Medical test such as x-rays and MRIs are crucial in determining whether the motorcycle rider has serious internal injuries.

  • Always report the accident. It is very important that the accident is reported to the proper authorities. A police report can document the facts of the accident and will prove to be very useful in determining who is at fault; it will also identify the parties involved along with any witnesses.

  • If necessary consult an attorney. Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injury and it is important to protect yourself and seek professional advice.

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