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What NOT to Do If Are Injured in an Auto Accident

Because this is such an important subject we want to emphasize not only what to do if you are injured in an auto accident, but also what NOT to do. Below are a few helpful suggestions. Again, by no means is this a complete list, and you should consult an attorney for additional information in preparing for what has become an all too common occurrence in California: the auto accident.

What NOT to Do After an Accident

  • Do NOT exit your vehicle or stand on or near any part of a busy roadway where it is possible you or your car may be struck by oncoming traffic. Positioning yourself near fast moving traffic or attempting to assess or fix damage to your vehicle on a busy roadway may lead to serious injury or death, even if you believe you are safely to the side of the roadway.

  • Do NOT say you are "OK/fine" or refuse emergency medical treatment if you believe there is any possibility you are hurt or you feel unable to accurately assess your condition from a medical standpoint.

  • Do NOT allow anyone to talk you out of making a CHP report or police report of the accident.

  • Do NOT admit or discuss fault for the accident before speaking with a qualified attorney who can evaluate the case for you.

  • Do NOT discuss the facts of the or liability issues accident with the other party involved or their insurer.

  • Do NOT give a recorded statement to the other party's insurer.

  • Do NOT give "index" information or other personally identifying information (i.e., social security number, driver license number, employer name, etc.) other party's insurer.

  • Do NOT attempt to negotiate a claim yourself, before speaking with an attorney who can tell you whether it makes sense to do so (i.e., given the amount at stake).

  • Do NOT give a recorded statement to anyone before speaking to attorney to assist you.

  • Do NOT sign any liens or agreements to reimburse anyone before showing them to an attorney who can review them on your behalf.

  • Do NOT sign "agreements to arbitrate" with anyone.

  • Do NOT sign any documents allowing release of your personal information before speaking to an attorney and allowing them to review the release.

  • Do NOT allow a tow truck company to store your car/truck/motorcycle at their lot; if at all possible have your car towed to a location you own or to which you have free access.

  • Do NOT exaggerate you injuries or leave out relevant information when being interviewed by medical professionals.

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